The researchers below, listed in alphabetical order, come from different faculties and disciplines. Here are some links to the communities that we come from: EveLINE, COACTCOgAHealth, INSPIRES, INTERACT

Eija Halkola, INTERACT, EveLINE
Noora Hirvonen, INSPIRES, COgAHealth
Anna-Maija Huhta, INSPIRES, COgAHealth
Netta Iivari, INTERACT, EveLINE
Tiina Keisanen, COACT, EveLINE
Marianne Kinnula, INTERACT, EveLINE
Tuomo Koivisto, COACT, EveLINE
Olli Korhonen, M3S
Leena Kuure, COACT, EveLINE
Salme Kälkäjä, COACT, EveLINE
Marjukka Käsmä, COACT, EveLINE
Annamari Martinviita, COACT, EveLINE
Tonja Molin-Juustila, INTERACT, EveLINE
Tuula Nygård, INSPIRES, COgAHealth
Laura Palmgren-Neuvonen, INSPIRES, COgAHealth
Iira Rautiainen, COACT, iTASK
Maritta Riekki, COACT, EveLINE
Riikka Tumelius, COACT, EveLINE
Jenni Virtaluoto, COACT, EveLINE


If you wish to join this community, send mail to Leena Kuure (firstname.lastname at